Zalando to open six more outlets


The fashion retailer Zalando intends to supplement its five existing stores in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, and Hamburg with six more in the mid-sized cities Münster, Stuttgart, Hanover, Mannheim, Ulm and Konstanz. The first opening will take place next spring in Münster (Königsstraße 60), followed by Stuttgart (Hirschstraße 26) next summer and Hanover (Große Packhofstraße 4-8) next autumn. Openings in Mannheim (Kunststraße 26), Ulm (Sedelhofgasse 17-21) and Konstanz (Marktstätte 1) will be held in the year following. All new outlets will have about 1,500 sqm of sales space. In Ulm, Zalando will move into the brand-new Sedelhöfen, which DC Developments will complete by 2020. TD has learned from market insiders that the retailer has signed a ten-year lease. The project has been sold to Aachener Grund, which is Zalando’s landlord in Hamburg and Hanover as well. In Konstanz, the fashion retailer will move into 1,200 sqm distributed over two floors in the converted former head office building of the bank Sparkasse Bodensee.

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