Jobportraits Technologie und Produktentwicklung

Unser Team ist verantwortlich für die Instandhaltung und stetige Weiterentwicklung unserer in-house-entwickelten Datenbank. Dafür stehen wir permanent im Austausch mit den Bereichen Product Development, Redaktion, Research und Sales. Neue Ideen, wie beispielsweise neue Datenverknüpfungen oder neue Designelemente, werden auf lokaler und internationaler Ebene entwickelt. Eine weitere Aufgabe in unserem Bereich ist es, die Funktionalität von TD Premium täglich sicherzustellen. Dazu analysieren wir das System durchgehend und garantieren das bestmögliche Nutzererlebnis. 

Rahul Singh

Lead Software Engineer

Interview mit Rahul Singh,
Senior Software Developer

März 2019

Mein beruflicher Hintergrund
I am originally from India. I was born in the South, but was raised in the North, I did my higher studies in the North-East. At work too, I have moved around a bit. I have worked in different places across India, the USA, and Germany. I have been working as a software developer for over a decade and a half. Coming from a family of Engineers and Scientists, Software Development happened naturally to me.  Away from work, other things that have interested me from time to time include – riding motorcycles, philosophy and martial arts. With age, I have to admit, I have become more prone to leave all that and just sit in front of a TV with my family. I can perhaps also say that the proximity to the Black Forrest is changing that as well. I am now the proud owner of a bicycle, one that I am using actually for frequent rides into nature!

Warum ich mich für THOMAS DAILY entschieden habe
Being part of a small IT team, that is in charge of development of the main product of a company, is a very unique experience. Between 5 developers and 1 tester, we design and develop the whole product that users see and use. It is very satisfying to be so closely involved with the end product, to be able to see the product we create. The job comes with a lot of responsibility, and is very satisfying.

Bewerbung und Einstieg bei THOMAS DAILY
I am working as a Lead Software Engineer in the IT Department.

Mein Aufgabengebiet
The day to day tasks involve adding and improving features in the current software product. A major focus currently is on the integration of our data and features with our parent company – CoStar

Das gefällt mir an meiner Arbeit am besten
There are multiple things here that I like:                   
1. The end to end picture of the product. We put on different hats here: I might discuss the architecture of a certain feature in the morning, code on it myself in the afternoon, and improve on an existing feature in the evening. This wholistic involvement is very satifying. I like understanding the product at different levels, and also, from different perspectives.
 2. Having a say in the quality and health of the project. A benefit that not every development team has, is being able to decide the right set of technologies for each job. When we start on a new feature, we have a good amount of freedom in discussing and deciding on the right tool set. This of course comes with responsibility and is a great learning experience. We also have reasonable freedom in setting our team standards and best practices.
3. A continuous learning experience. The above 2 points ensure a good learning opportunity. I enjoy the learning process, working with parts of the product, those that have existed for many years, and those that we are developing new.

DAILY Teamwork

Wir entwickeln uns stetig weiter und sind immer wieder auf der Suche nach Immobilienexperten und Quereinsteigern, die unsere Firmenphilosophie teilen. Wir freuen uns über Bewerbungen zu konkreten Stellenausschreibungen oder initiative Kontaktaufnahmen.