TD News International Location: Cologne

Cologne: ÄVWL is end investor for five office buildings in Gerling Quarter

03/08/2018 Quantum Immobilien Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft has acquired a section of the Gerling Quarter in Cologne for the pension fund Ärzteversorgung Westfalen-Lippe (ÄVWL). The acquisition involves the commercial section in the 1st building phase of the quarter, the purchase of which was arranged a year ago. The closing has now taken place. Proximus, Quantum’s partner in the purchase [...]

Cologne: BPD invests €87mn in new apartments in “Ehrenveedel”

30/07/2018 BPD has purchased the last two construction lots of the “Ehrenveedel” development on the former freight yard Cologne-Ehrenfeld from Aurelis, for the purpose of building about 220 apartments with 21,500 sqm GFA. As the company told TD upon inquiry, the expected investment volume is around €87mn. Construction on the lots in the center of the [...]

Cologne: IT company rents 5,900 sqm of office space in “Kaiser Hof”

12/07/2018 ParcIT, a provider of banking software solutions, has rented 5,900 sqm of office space distributed over three floors in the “Kaiser Hof” project in Cologne. The owner is the project developer Art-Invest, which is currently constructing the building in the vicinity of Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring and MediaPark. The property was designed by the Cologne architectural firm msm [...]

Cologne: 7,300 sqm in Müngersdorf’s “TechnologiePark” newly leased

11/07/2018 The fund EQT Real Estate I has extended two leases for three of its buildings in the “TechnologiePark” in Cologne-Müngersdorf and expanded one of them by 7,300 sqm, so contracts were signed for a total of 25,000 sqm office space. As TD learned, the tenants are two companies of auto maker Ford. EQT real estate [...]

Cologne: Design Offices rents 5,600 sqm of office space

29/06/2018 Design Offices has rented 5,600 sqm of office space in the “Kaiser Hof” building in Cologne. The owner is Art-Invest, which is currently constructing the building near the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring and MediaPark. The opening of the coworking provider’s third Cologne location is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019. The building, designed by the architectural firm [...]

Alcaro to develop brownfield site in Frechen for logistics and e-commerce

14/06/2018 Alcaro Invest has secured a former Bauhaus import warehouse in the Rhineland town of Frechen (Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 23) in an off-market transaction. The company has announced that it plans to retrofit the 15,000-sqm office and warehouse property for logistics and e-commerce use. Space is to be let in units of 3,000 sqm, starting in July. The [...]

Cologne: CG plans Cologneo II

12/06/2018 After the Cologneo I, CG Group is now building the Cologneo II as well. The company purchased an approximately 4 ha site on Auenweg in Cologne-Mülheim, west of the ICE track. Plans call for a city quarter with a mix of 46,000 sqm housing and about 25,500 sqm commercial space. The quarter is to consist [...]

Cologne: Landmarken AG to build offices and hotel for €80mn

11/05/2018 Landmarken AG intends to build an office complex with 26,400 sqm of GFA in the “Butzweilerhof” industrial park in Cologne. The design plans, by HPP Architekten in Düsseldorf, call for three office buildings and a parking garage with approx. 500 parking spaces on the 16,000-sqm site at Butzweilerhof-Allee and Rudi-Conin-Strasse, named the “kite”. The building [...]

Logistics firm leases former Metro storage facility in Frechen near Cologne

19/04/2018 Offergeld Logistik has leased a 35,000 sqm logistics building in Frechen south of Cologne (Hermann-Seger-Straße 43-47) formerly used by Metro, and has been processing its commission transactions from there since March. The lessor of the property located on a 100,000 sqm lot in “Europapark” is Essen-based Thelen Group. Realogis brokered the contract. Metro had moved [...]

Cologne: Lammerting plans hotel and offices for €30mn

13/04/2018 The Cologne project developer Lammerting intends to build an office and hotel complex in the “Technologie Park Köln” in the city’s Braunfels district. Three buildings with a total of 18,500 sqm GFA are to be constructed on the 60,000-sqm site bordered by Widdersdorfer Strasse, Maarweg, Stolberger Strasse and Mercedes-Allee, under the name “Hybrid Park”. The [...]