TD News International Location: Wiesbaden

HanseMerkur buys 113 apartments in Wiesbaden

13/06/2019 HanseMerkur Grundvermögen has acquired a residential project in Wiesbaden’s Künstlerviertel (artists’ quarter) area from Zederbaum Development. The project, located at the corner of Aßmannshäuser Straße and Maria-Sybilla-Merian-Straße, consists of 113 residential units – 104 rental apartments and nine fully furnished apartments – on 7,800 sqm. It will be completed by the fall of 2021. HanseMerkur [...]

Wiesbaden: BKA moves into 22,000 sqm in DIC office building

18/02/2019 DIC Asset is converting the office building Frankfurter Straße 50 in Wiesbaden for about €33mn. As TD learned, the German Federal Criminal Agency BKA is planning to move in on 1 January 2020. The Institute for Federal Real Estate (Bima) and DIC signed the lease for the roughly 22,000 sqm office space back in late 2017. The [...]

Wiesbaden: Commerz Real divests office building

29/11/2018 Commerz Real’s closed-end real estate fund CFB 49 has sold an office property at Lorenz-Schott-Straße 4 in Wiesbaden’s Mainz-Kastel district to a special purpose company of Immo Raising. Built in 1994, the asset consists of 8,500 sqm of lettable space, an underground parking garage with 119 spaces, and 68 outdoor parking spaces. The CFB 49 [...]

Union Investment buys apartment project in Wiesbaden

24/10/2018 Union Investment has acquired a planned micro-apartment complex near Wiesbaden’s main station as part of a forward funding agreement. Seller and developer is GBI Group. After acquisitions in Graz and Vienna, the micro-apartment project in Wiesbaden is the third property to be added to the Spezialfonds Urban Living Nr. 1 launched in 2017 by Union [...]

Wiesbaden: State of Hesse leases 5,000 sqm from Conren Land

05/09/2018 Conren Land has established two long-term office leases for the business property Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 98 in Wiesbaden. The state of Hesse is leasing about 5,000 sqm for its data processing center starting late this year. In early December, state health insurer DAK-Gesundheit will be moving into 720 sqm. The six-story building across from the main station has [...]

Barmenia buys housing and office project in Wiesbaden for €38mn

28/08/2018 Orion Capital Managers has begun construction of a housing and office ensemble next to Wiesbaden’s main station. By the end of 2019, an office building with 5,400 sqm lettable space and two residential buildings with 43 units and an underground garage will be erected between Klingholzstraße and Fischerstraße. As TD learned, health insurer Barmenia bought [...]

Alstria raises forecast – acquisitions in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden

07/08/2018 This summer, Alstria Office has acquired two properties in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel (€25.1mn) and in Wiesbaden (€7.7mn). The sellers, as TD research revealed, are a Swiss family office and Cromwell Property. The office buildings on Taunusstraße 45-47 in Frankfurt and Gustav-Nachtigal-Straße 5 in Wiesbaden total 14,700 sqm and earn €1.2mn in rent annually. This brings Alstria’s total purchases [...]

Wiesbaden: Development Partner presents “City-Passage” concept

28/06/2018 Development Partner is the preferred bidder for the redesign of Wiesbaden’s “City-Passage”. The Düsseldorf-based developer presented the design for the project, by the architectural firm Chapman Taylor and called “Quartier Fünfgassen”, together with Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wiesbaden (SEG). Over the next few years, around 23,000 sqm of GFA are to be built on the project area for [...]

Wiesbaden: GWW invests €120mn in new residential quarter

08/12/2017 Wiesbadener Wohnbaugesellschaft (GWW) is building about 400 apartments in the Biebrich district for approx. €120mn. The agreement of sale was registered with Hesse’s capital city Wiesbaden for the 7.4-hectare construction field, known as “Gräselberg – Auf den Eichen”. A mix of rental apartments and condominiums will be built in several phases, starting in 2020. The [...]

Beos fund acquires company property “Rheinpark” in Wiesbaden

18/10/2017 Beos has purchased the mixed-use company property “Rheinpark” on Hagenauer Straße 47-59 in Wiesbaden for its open-ended real estate Spezial AIF Corporate Real Estate Fund Germany III. The commercial park of roughly 33,700 sqm was built between 1975 and 1994 and consists of four structures. These total 9,200 sqm storage space and 18,000 sqm office [...]