TD News International: 27/02/2015


Redos Spezialfonds acquires supermarkets for €170mn

27/02/2015 Redos Real Estate announced that over the last eight months it has made about €170mn in purchases for its “Einzelhandel Deutschland” Spezialfonds issued jointly with Union Investment. A total of 15 properties has been acquired, seven of which, valued at €65mn, will be transferred to the fund in March. Among them are a 7,200 sqm [...]

LaSalle KVG wants to go shopping for at least €200mn

27/02/2015 LaSalle Investment Management has told TD that it is planning real estate purchases amounting to around €200mn this year for its Germany KVG. About half of that will be for core retail, office, and logistics properties. In addition, three core and core plus vehicles have each allocated €50-150mn to Germany. Possible individual deals are to [...]


Alstria’s FFO rises, 50 cent dividend paid

27/02/2015 Office REIT alstria, despite a slight step back in revenues for 2014, achieved a 5.1% FFO increase to €47.6mn. As it did last year, the Hamburg company intends to pay a 50 cent dividend. Lower financing costs were a factor that helped alstria’s FFO, as did the strong demand for property in Germany. Five real [...]

Nassau Heimstätte and formart buy Siemens area in Frankfurt

27/02/2015 Nassauische Heimstätte and residential property developer formart have jointly acquired the Siemens site in Frankfurt’s Bockenheim district. Thanks to changes in the area’s master plan, up to 1,600 apartments could be built on the around 110,000 sqm south of Rödelheimer Landstrasse. A mix of subsidized housing plus privately financed rental and condominium apartments is envisioned. [...]


Berlin: Residential construction up significantly, but still lags behind

27/02/2015 According to a study by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), building permits for around 25,000 new dwellings are expected during the current year in Berlin. That would be twice as many as in 2013, when approximately 12,500 permits were issued which, compared to 2012, was itself an increase of 26%. Up to November, 17,300 permits were issued [...]

Real I.S. sells Rathausgalerie Bruchsal to MAS Real Estate

27/02/2015 Real I.S. has sold the Rathausgalerie Bruchsal to international investor MAS Real Estate Inc., advised by Blue Asset Management. The office and commercial property in downtown Bruchsal was jointly developed by Sepa and Real I.S. in 2009 and 2010 for €22mn. The property offers a total usable area of 7,000 sqm in three building segments, [...]