TD News International: 15/03/2018


Berlin: Bauwert plans 110,000 sqm office space in Adlershof

15/03/2018 Bauwert has acquired three development properties in Berlin with a project volume of over €500mn. The largest site by far is located in Johannisthal, where Bauwert intends to develop approx. 110,000 sqm of office space as an expansion to the Berlin Adlershof Science City. Seller of the approx. 50,000-sqm property on Groß-Berliner Damm is Deutsche [...]

Home building permits fall by 7% to 348,000 in 2017

15/03/2018 Permits were issued for the construction of 348,100 apartments in Germany in 2017, according to a statement today by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). This falls short the previous year’s figure by 7.3 %, and does not fulfill experts’ estimates of demand for 350,000 to 400,000 additional apartments per year. From 2008 to 2016 the [...]


WealthCap creates residential fund with Domicil Real Estate

15/03/2018 WealthCap has found a partner for residential investment. The Munich-based company will be collaborating with Domicil Real Estate (also from Munich) for its expansion into residential properties. Domicil is to supply the HVB subsidiary with upscale apartments with a total value of €1bn over the next three years. Sales will start in the 2nd half [...]

Beos now managing €2.6bn, launching fourth fund

15/03/2018 The Berlin company Beos generated a net transaction volume of €487mn in 2017 and increased its assets under management from €2.2bn to now €2.6bn. The company now manages over 2.6 million sqm (previous year: 2.2 million sqm) in 78 properties. Beos is currently preparing the launch of its fourth open-ended Spezial AIF. Like its predecessors, [...]


Barings increases transaction volume in Germany to €1bn.

15/03/2018 Property investment manager Barings Real Estate tripled its acquisitions and sales in Europe last year, and achieved a new record level in Germany. Including direct acquisitions and disposals, the company’s transaction volume in Europe amounted to €1.9bn ($2.2bn). New lending business reached a volume of $995.4mn, increasing European assets under management by 20% to $5.4bn. [...]